1.67 Acres - Klamath County, OR [7-Day Reservation]

Reservation fees are non-refundable.


Amount Due Today

Payment Details

You are purchasing an option to purchase 1.67 acres of land in Klamath County, OR with a parcel number of R283687 from Landilla within the next 7 days.

This is an option to purchase at the advertised owner financing terms or discounted cash price, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by an authorized Landilla representative.

Your credit or debit card payment of $195.00 for the 7-Day Reservation fee amount will secure your exclusive right to purchase this property during the property period.

The option period will begin on the date and time you pay the 7-Day Reservation fee and will continue until midnight on the seventh day thereafter.

Within three business days of making your payment, Landilla will email you an Option to Purchase Real Estate Agreement for your review and digital signature.

To exercise your option, follow the instructions on your Option Agreement. If you decide to exercise the option, the amount paid for the option will be applied to the purchase price for the property. If you decide not to exercise the option, Landilla will retain the fee.