1.52 Acres - Klamath County, OR [Owner Financing]

  • $195.00
    Document Preparation Fee
  • $500.00
    Down Payment Amount


Amount Due Today

Payment Details

You are purchasing 1.52 acres of land in Klamath County, OR with a parcel number of R283669 from Landilla.

Your credit or debit card payment of $500.00 for the Down Payment and $195.00 for the Document Preparation Fee, a total payment amount of $695.00, will secure this property for you.

Within three business days of completing your payment, Landilla will email you a Land Contract, Promissory Note, and other documents comprising your Closing Packet for your review and digital signature.

Your Closing Packet will reflect a Total Purchase Price of $10,500.00, a Down Payment amount of $500.00, a financed amount of $10,000.00, and a term of 60 months. Your monthly note payment will be $166.67 plus a $15/mo Note Servicing Fee.