Cash Purchase Process

Buying land online can be intimidating. You've never seen the lot, and wonder how you can trust that we’re not pulling a fast one on you.

Paying Cash for Land Online - Why You Should and How it Works

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Buying land online can be intimidating. You've never seen the lot, and wonder how you can trust that we’re not pulling a fast one on you. We understand your concerns because if we were in your position, we’d have them, too. However, because we’re so stringent in making the sales process streamlined and secure for you, there’s very little to worry about.

We make sure to:

  • Only work with established and trusted payment processors
  • Deliver property ownership through warranty deeds
  • Allow you time to visit the property location, if you’d like, and
  • Have clear lines of communication throughout the entire process.

People just like you have successfully purchased hundreds of acres of vacant lots over the years through Landilla. Some have built new homes, vacation homes, or held the lots for future projects and investments. You can easily do this, too!

Have you recently purchased a lot and want to know what's next? Or, do you have your eye on a piece of property and are curious about the buying process? We’ve created this article to help you understand what happens when you make a cash purchase through Landilla.

The Basic Run-Through:

There are 3, simple steps to becoming a land-owner when making a cash purchase through Landilla. They are:
Checkout Online

Click on the property you want, read through the details, and check out. You’ve now put down the Earnest Money Amount on the property and claimed it as your own!

Review and Sign Your Closing Packet

This packet contains the sale terms and contract. Once signed, this is your proof of ownership.

Make Your Final Payment and Enjoy Your Property

The land is yours! And, once you make the final payment, the title will be transferred to you with no effort on your part.

Those are the 3, simple steps. If you’d like to dig deeper into the details of each step, keep reading. Or, if you’d like to learn about making an owner finance purchase, you can click here. No matter which way you choose to go, the purchase and title transfer processes are fairly similar.

Step 1: Checkout Online

Once you’ve found a property that you want to purchase, click the ‘Start Here’ button in the Cash Purchase box on the listing page. You will be taken to the property’s page with property and payment details laid out for you.

Unlike many of our competitors, we guarantee:

  • No hidden fees in our prices
  • Property taxes will be paid and up to date
  • If there are any, POA fees will be paid and up to date

Click ‘Next→’ to get to the checkout page. Here, you’ll fill in your billing and mailing information, and form of payment – Landilla uses Stripe, a secure, world-class payment processor, for online payments.

Land on our site is sold on a first-come, first-served basis. So, once you click, ‘Get Your Property’ and your payment goes through, the property is taken off the market.

Step 2: Review and Sign Your Closing Packet

Within 3 business days of paying the Earnest Money and document preparation fees, you’ll receive an email with a 6-page closing packet. If requested, we’re also able to send the agreement through the mail rather than email.

Inside the closing packet is the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Key terms to review in the Purchase and Sale Agreement:

  • Property description and Purchase price
  • Responsibility for closing costs
  • Closing date, and
  • Title transfer through a warranty deed

Signing Your Closing Packet

If all of the information in your closing packet looks correct, sign page 5 of 6. If you have any questions before signing, please don’t hesitate to email or call us.

You can sign the document by:

  1. Electronic signature
    Electronic signatures will automatically be captured and a fully-executed copy of the document will be emailed to all signers – you, a co-signer, if there is one, and Landilla.
  2. Printing the document and physically signing
    Signatures on paper documents will need to be scanned and emailed or sent through a mail service back to us.

Closing date

In the Purchase and Sale Agreement you receive, there will be a closing date on page 2. The sale must be complete by that date. If, for any reason, the sale is not complete by that date, then there are two options:
  1. We can return your Earnest Money payment and the sale will not go through
    Please note: The document preparations fees are not refundable
  2. We can extend the closing date and continue working on your property

You decide which option works best for you, and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Step 3: Make Your Final Payment and Enjoy Your Property!

Once the signed closing packet comes back to us, we’ll contact you for the remaining payment.

For larger remaining payments, a cashier's check or wire transfer are the best methods.

For smaller balances, there are more options available:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Paypal
  • Zelle, or
  • ACH

In the meantime, you’ll get to start enjoying your property – design a home, plan for vacations – whatever it may be!

Title Transfer

Once the property is paid in full, the deed will be transferred from Landilla to you. You will first have the opportunity to confirm whose name(s) should go on the deed and how you will take the title (tenants in common, in the name of a company, etc.)

We will then submit, digitally, or through the mail, a notarized Warranty Deed and any other required paperwork to the county your property is located in. We pay all fees associated with this process as well as any outstanding taxes and/or POA fees up to this point.

The timeframes for digital and mail submission are as follows:

Digitally – This can take as little as 24 hours.

  • We use Simplifile, a reputable recording company who works with over 2,000 counties, to file digitally.
  • You can see if your county is included by clicking here, scrolling down, and then clicking on the state where your property is located.

Through the Mail – This process can take 2-4 weeks.

  • When we cannot submit digitally, we send paperwork through the mail.

When the deed comes back to us from the county, we will then send you a copy as well. And, once the property is under your name, the county will start communicating directly with you. You do not need to visit a notary for any of this, and can enjoy the entire process from the comfort of your couch.

Congratulations - You Own Property!

That’s right. That’s the simple process for making a cash purchase through Landilla.

In a very short time, you can have the warranty deed in hand, and it’s so easy you can do it all from your phone. Best of all, you can feel at ease knowing that if you ever have any questions or concerns, we’re U.S.-based, and just a phone call or email away.

It’s So Simple. What Are You Waiting For?

Like we said above, land on our site is sold as first-come, first-served. Snag your property, today - before someone else does!

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